Past Work 2006/2007

artSPACE durban 
Earth, Light and Spirit

with Lara Mellon and Maggie Strachan

Sunrise over Dengezi 4 -  
75 x 100 cm - Oil on Canvas - SOLD

I paint to bring thoughts and emotions within me into consciousness and to express something that, with words, I find unachievable. I’m trying to capture something.

I am currently drawn to painting in a more realistic style, contrary to that part of me that yells out for ‘massive, abstract and colourful’. I’m aware that there is a journey going on here for me, in the symbolism of what I’m painting.

On one level it is about capturing a moment in nature. There is a magic there. I’m drawn to moments where light and shadow are the primary focus, early morning and late afternoon, dawn and dusk.

At another level, those times are threshold times where dreams can break through into awake time, which, in turn is taken into the night to be processed and fed back to you as dreams and so on. These are reflections of inner world and outer world, a time of possibilities, of magic, of solitude, of connecting with something deeper, of the relationship between dark and light.

Humanity’s perception of wilderness encapsulates harshness, tension and darkness but also illumination, peace, ecstasy and the most delicate beauty. I want to see and feel this and for it to be visible in my work.

Reeds on the Banks of the Imfolozi (Umhlanga) - 
75 x 100 cm - Oil on Canvas - SOLD

Mkuzi. Fading Light in the Fever Tree Forest - 
100 x 65 cm - Oil on Canvas - SOLD

Brillig at Sontuli 1 - 
75 x 100 cm- Oil on Canvas -

First Light Imfolozi - 
75 x 100 cm - Oil on Canvas - SOLD

Ariel roots of the fig 2 - 
100 x 75 cm - Oil on Canvas - SOLD

Fever Tree Reflections at Muzi Pan - 
75 x 100 cm - Oil on Canvas - SOLD

Spring Shoots at Ngqolothi - 
75 x 100 cm - Oil on Canvas - SOLD

Fever Trees at Pan's Edge -