Friday, 13 May 2016

Way forward

Gosh can't believe it's been about 5 months since I last blogged.

It's taken a while to assimilate the significance of my last body of work and recharge and refocus ready for the new chapter in my work.

So although many of the pieces from my last show felt incomplete it was a big show for me and working towards it a big experience for me. It affirmed the way I am compelled to go forward which won't necessarily be an easy one but it is one I embrace as there are things I want to express in my work that will only come if I wade out of my comfort zone and into areas I have little or no knowledge of. A terrible and glorious journey I am addicted to.

The way forward is storytelling. Moving beyond the personal now and towards archetypal stories in the form of myths and regenerating and updating them using topical elements, images, characters... Multi-layered, both technically and metaphorically with style shifts within the same piece.

There are narrative pieces in progress which are challenging my material knowledge and my sanity so alongside this I boost myself by spending time painting and printing at studio 3 with Dee and Sharon. What a joy.

Just finished the first part of a piece on Paul' The portrait part. But I am not satisfied and want to bring more of a narrative element to the work. So the next step to add on another panel and start telling the story...

The work in progress