Sunday, 24 November 2013

Ceramic samples

After a couple of months of feeling totally uninspired with my ceramic work, last week I had a breakthrough and am loving it again and so excited about the possibilities.

Here are some of the samples I worked on. I have experimented with layering colour, drawing and texture onto little porcelain samples which I have to say I am very happy with. I mixed the glazes myself which, for those who know me, know that this is very hard for me. Too much precision. Weighing out tiny amounts of oxides etc, and then sieving them for crying out loud! I have patience for some things and not for others and samples and glazing is certainly not one.

For these samples slip is put onto embossed porcelain and then scraped away leaving the slip in the embossed areas

Here I used oxides to draw images from my sketch book onto the samples
Translating images from sketch book to ceramic samples
After the glaze firing with coloured craze free glazes and turquoise Carina glaze

 Winged shoe drawn onto a porcelain slab with oxides and with the embossed slip technique

 And to the left porcelain winged shoes...

I love the combination of colours, textures and images here
The first attempt at creating a room in porcelain. Very exciting